Transforming Dundas

from Street to Place.

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Adaptive and Responsive.

Dundas Place will offer a multitude of experiences along its length exuding innovation, vibrancy, creativity and entrepreneurialism. Inspired by London’s relationship with the Thames River, Dundas Place will uniquely integrate our City’s history with a simple and playful streetscape.

Dundas Place aims to be as flexible as possible for all users, with both fixed (built-in) and flexible (movable) elements as shown in the renderings.

It is the first transformational project in Our Move Forward: London's Downtown Plan.

Click to browse and enlarge seven Dundas Place flexible street design renderings above. 


Fixed to Flexible Framework.

A flexible street is a space shared by pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. 


London's flexible street is curbless and incorporates mid-block crossovers, allowing pedestrians to navigate from side to side with ease. It has been designed to accommodate vehicles and will remain open to two-way traffic whenever the space is not being used for an event or activity requiring one or several blocks to be closed to traffic.

In addition to the above-ground transformation, Dundas Street will undergo storm sewer, sanitary sewer and utility (internet, hydro, water) renewal work. 

A diagram above shows the new curbless street design and underground infrastructure for Dundas Place.



Tidy and Welcoming.

An annual operating budget was approved to support the ongoing maintenance, security and activation of Dundas Place. As part of this investment, the Dundas Place Manager will coordinate activation, develop operational criteria, and monitor maintenance, while working with merchants to ensure we are successful in delivering the most exciting street in London, Ontario.

Above is a photo of the City of London's operations staff emptying garbages on Dundas Street. 



Dynamic and Inviting.

Dundas Place will be purposefully activated to provide a draw for visitors to stay and explore the space and the community within. Activation will require close coordination with local business on Dundas Place and throughout the downtown.


Once transformed, Dundas Place will offer a premiere venue option that is both convenient and connected. Lighting, seating, flexible loading zones and ease of access to utilities will provide an integrated and unique platform to host festivals, concerts or day-to-day activities throughout the year.


Click the photo above to see more than 12 Dundas Street activations prior to its transformation.



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Dundas Place is the first transformational project in Our Move Forward, London's Downtown Plan and a 2019 core construction project. To learn more, visit:

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Talbot St. to Ridout St.

A rendering showing Dundas Place from Talbot Street to Ridout Street with an event underway.