What's Fixed & What's Flex.

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shared by pedestrians, motorists & cyclists

Designing a Destination

Dundas Place is a unique destination, one that can operate as an independent public space (venue) and as a regular street. As an important part of London Ontario's transportation network, Dundas Place will allow two-way travel for cyclists and motorists within the shared zone (roadway) whenever blocks are not closed for an event. It will also allow for continuous pedestrian travel in the pedestrian zones (sidewalks) at all times. watch the video below to learn more.

On-street Parking

The first hour is free.

Two-hour on-street parking is available along Dundas Place at signed locations. Parking is free for visitors for the first hour. Those who wish to stay longer must use a nearby pay & display machine or use the Honk App to pay for the second hour.


People displaying a valid accessible permit can park for the duration of the maximum permitted parking time, without having to pay as per the [insert by-law]. 

Signed Dundas Place parking spot shown above.


Stainless steel bollard shown above.


Mobile & moveable.

Along Dundas Place, you will find short, vertical posts known as bollards. In their default position, bollards define the pedestrian zone (sidewalk) from the shared zone (roadway). Some are set back and complimented by signs to identify parking spots. For events, they can be unlocked and removed to create more space for event organizers. This is an example of a flex element.


Safe pedestrian crossings.

Pedestrian crosswalks at each intersection and a mid-bock crossover at Fanshawe. 

Click to browse and enlarge seven Dundas Place flexible street design renderings above. 

diagram showing Dundas Place flexible street design and underground infrastructure

Extended Sidewalks

Built for patios.

An extended pedestrian zone for walking and the placement of patios. 

A diagram above shows the new curbless street design and underground infrastructure for Dundas Place.


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Dundas Place is the first transformational project in Our Move Forward, London's Downtown Plan and a 2019 core construction project.

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