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10 Instagram-Worthy Spots

1. Attic Books

This adorable bookstore is filled with one-of-a-kind finds, cards, maps, and vintage camera just to name a few! You’ll love their clever signage and reading nooks.

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2. Grooves Record Store

Who doesn’t love sifting through stacks of vinyl? Besides the potential to pick up a great new record, the shop also hosts in-store concerts from time to time!

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3. Grace Restaurant

Home to food that almost looks too good to eat! On top of the great presentation, the restaurant itself and table tops are beautifully decorated. Be the envy of your friends by dropping by for dinner and snapping a photo of your meal.

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4. TAP Centre for Creativity

If you have been looking for an adorable gallery that showcases emerging artists look no further! Admission to the gallery is free on Tuesdays-Saturdays from 12:00-5:00pm.

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5. Museum London

The photo opportunities at Museum London are endless. The grounds are beautiful, exhibits unique, and the Rhino Lounge located inside the museum offers donuts that are simply irresistible!

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6. The Cardboard Café

Who doesn’t love a game night? This café not only serves beautiful lattes but also has endless shelves of boardgames: new ones and classics alike!

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7. Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery

Calling all art lovers! This gallery features the largest selection of museum quality ceramic art in Canada! There is always something new and unique to browse through.

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8. Rebel Remedy

Not only does this café have an amazing selection of snacks and drinks but all of their packaging is extremely trendy and aesthetically pleasing!

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9. Heroes Comics

A comic lover paradise! The many stacks of comics make for an incredibly unique Instagram photo.

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10. Fanshawe College - Downtown Campus

This campus is beautifully designed with study spaces, a living wall, and The Chef's Table which is a fine dining restaurant run by students in hospitality programs.

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