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Lessons learned and level ground

Although challenging, this week opened our eyes to new opportunities.

At the beginning of the week, we closed the rest of the Dundas Place Phase 1 construction zone, between Richmond and London Music Hall. We put this off for the past few weeks to lessen the impact until necessary for the work.

The sidewalk by the Bell building up to the court house is typically open to pedestrians but some of you may have noticed the sidewalk was closed this week. This is because some of our London Hydro installations had to be shifted due to some existing pipelines we found underground. Crews are working hard to have the sidewalk reopened by the middle of next week.

Utility work (water and hyrdo) is heavy as we started to enter the building basements between Talbot and Richmond. To accommodate, we have to put temporary sidewalk closures in place which can sometimes impact access to businesses. After receiving feedback from some of our Dundas Place community members, we have finalized a better way to communicate sidewalk disruptions moving forward. There will be a wayfinding map posted at the intersection, to be updated daily, to clearly indicate where the sidewalk will be closed. The signs will be up next week.

In Phase 1, we have a total of 35 basements to enter to complete water, hydro and sewer work as we implement a reliable utility services for current and future flex street users. This means smaller scale sidewalk closures will continue for the duration of the project. On a typical day, this work takes up to 12 hours and as soon as we're done, we fill the hole and level the ground with a hard surface, usually bricks, to restore a safe walkway as soon as possible.

Most of our temporary hydro pole installations were completed this week which means we can proceed with light installations. Your walk down Dundas Place will be a little brighter as soon as next week!

Below is a summary of work from Apr 23 to Apr 27.

Work this week

Ridout to Talbot:

  • Traffic line painting at Ridout intersection and Ridout toward King

  • London Hydro installation of hydro vault and duct work

Talbot to Richmond:

  • Bell maintenance hole work

  • Utility services into existing building basement wall

East of Richmond:

  • Construction fencing and screen installed

  • Temporary hydro poles installation

  • Temporary watermain installation

Work anticipated next week

Ridout to Talbot:

  • London Hydro work

  • Street lights installation on temporary hydro pole

  • Full closure at Talbot to vehicle traffic for London Hydro work

Talbot to Richmond:

  • Utility services into existing building basement wall

  • Street lights installation on temporary hydro pole

East of Richmond:

  • Temporary watermain

  • Street lights installation on temporary hydro pole

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Dundas Place is the first transformational project in Our Move Forward, London's Downtown Plan and a 2019 core construction project. To learn more, visit: london.ca/coreconstruction

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