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Crews commit to helping you navigate construction

This week marked an important project milestone; the closure of the Talbot and Dundas intersection. This closure will last until September 2018 for us to complete the Dundas Place transformation and update the aging watermain infrastructure underneath the ground. We recognize that this is going to be a major adjustment for motorists and cyclists travelling through the area so we encourage everyone to stay alert, look for the orange construction signs and give yourself extra time to get to your destination. The detour signs are posted to help you navigate construction as you arrive downtown.

As we talked about in last week's blog, crews will continue to close off portions of the sidewalk to complete utility work within the basements of buildings along Dundas Place. Thanks to input from the Dundas Place community, we came up with a better way to display sidewalk closure information. On Wednesday, crews installed pedestrian navigation maps, located at all four corners of the three project intersections:

1. Talbot/Dundas

2. Midblock crossover - near Fanshawe College

3. Richmond/Dundas

Please keep an eye out for these signs when walking to your destination. We also recommend talking to your favourite local shops about alternative entrances and following us on Twitter (@DundasPlace) for the latest sidewalk impact information on the go.

Pedestrian navigation sign posted at the south east corner of Dundas & Talbot is shown above.

Despite the rain we had on Thursday, the contractor worked through the weather to keep the project on schedule. Motorists and cyclists will notice that traffic shifted to the east side of Richmond to accommodate temporary watermain work on the west side. Two lanes will remain open on the east side of Richmond Street so north and southbound traffic can continue to flow until further notice.

Finally, safety is always top of mind for the project team so I thought I'd share a few tips to conclude this blog post. First, please try to limit the use of cellphones in the Dundas Place construction zone. Placement of things like construction fencing and pylons change often and its important to keep your eyes up. Second, you can always look for a member of the construction crew to help you get through an area you may need assistance walking through. Our team is happy to help when they can.

Below is a summary of work from Apr 30 to May 5.

Work this week Ridout to Talbot:

  • London Hydro installation of hydro vault and duct work

  • Rehabilitation of existing Bell infrastructure

  • Pedestrian navigation signs installed

Talbot intersection:

  • Intersection closure

  • Temporary watermain installation

  • Pedestrian navigation signs installed

Talbot to Richmond:

  • Temporary hydro work

  • Temporary hydro pole installation

  • Utility services into existing building basement wall

  • Pedestrian navigation signs installed

East of Richmond:

  • Utility services into existing building basement wall

  • Pedestrian navigation signs installed

Work anticipated next week

Ridout to Talbot:

  • London Hydro utility work

  • Bell utility rehabilitation

  • Temporary watermain testing

  • Utilities services into basement wall

Talbot Intersection

  • Temporary watermain testing

Talbot to Richmond:

  • Temporary hydro utility work

  • Hydro work to buildings

  • Temporary watermain testing

East of Richmond:

  • Temporary watermain testing

  • Utility services into basement walls

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Dundas Place is the first transformational project in Our Move Forward, London's Downtown Plan and a 2019 core construction project. To learn more, visit: london.ca/coreconstruction

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