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Working night & day

With all of the prep work finished last week, crews were ready to hit the ground running this week! In the daytime, half of the crew was out installing the new watermain and during the evening, the other half of the crew continued to decommission the old watermain. This work includes switching over existing water services to the temporary pipes for some of the bigger buildings along the street.

Watermain work really does take a lot of coordination. As described last week, we always try to reduce the impacts of the required water shut-off periods for the Dundas Place community. By having work completed both during the day and through the evening, we can expedite the remaining underground work. By the end of next week, all of the night work should be complete and we will be well underway with the new, more reliable watermain installation.

In the spirit of expediting work, the Richmond and Dundas intersection was closed over the night of May 24/25 to decommission the old watermain. Temporarily closing this area around the intersection for one night allowed construction crews to concentrate several pieces of necessary work into one focused time period. This approach helps to minimize the length and frequency of water shut-off periods for residents and businesses in the area that would otherwise need to occur independently at various times.

Everything is connected. From the infrastructure, to the utilities and the flexible surface we'll soon be creating. It's important to remember that restoring and replacing these connections take time. As always, we appreciate your patience as we work towards a new space in our core that is exciting, exceptional and connected.

Below is a summary of work completed the week of May 22 and next steps for the week ahead.

Work completed this week

- Fiber optic installation at Ridout St intersection

- Commissioning temp watermain

- Temp water service switch over at properties - Hydro mainline work between Talbot St to Richmond St

- Being new watermain installation

Work anticipated next week

- New watermain installation

- Bell utility work between Talbot and Richmond

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