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Construction gets complex

No, these are not screen captures from the movie Holes, or a tomb entrance in Indiana Jones. This is just a snapshot of the work required to calculate the depth and exact locations of the existing underground utilities at Dundas and Richmond.

This week, the contractor has been busy locating all of the live internet, phone and hydro utilities. We have to carefully dig around these utilities to find a spot for the new watermain. The picture below shows existing telecommunications and hydro lines we dug up, encased in concrete structures. The concrete "coating" is used to protect the utilities from corrosion or disruption over time. As part of Dundas Place Phase 1 construction, years of overlaying infrastructures will be identified and our crews will have to assess do some significant problem solving to figure out how to fit the new watermain through/around these structures.

You may not be seeing a lot of movement at the Richmond intersection this week, but that's because crews are busy elsewhere on site. The contractor actually has two crews installing watermain near the Talbot intersection, plus one sub contractor installing hydro vaults between Talbot and Richmond, and another sub contractor installing pipes needed for street lighting between Ridout and Talbot.

The picture above shows crews in the midst of a new watermain installation just east of the Talbot intersection.

The picture above shows hydro getting ready for a new hydro vault installation near Fanshawe College.

As always, we like to remind pedestrians traveling through the area to give yourselves extra time to get where you're going. Also take a moment to look at the pedestrian navigation maps posted onsite before traveling through the construction zone. They get updated daily, sometimes more than once a day when crews are moving quickly.

These pedestrian navigation signs are posted at all crossings by Talbot and Richmond. Please see the map below for their approximate locations:

Feel free to submit your questions about construction to the Dundas Place project team by emailing dundasplace@london.ca. We'd be happy to answer some of them in a future blog post or via email.

Below is a summary of work completed the week of June 4 and next steps for the week ahead.

Work Completed:

  • watermain installation from Ridout to Talbot

  • Hydro duct and vault installation from Talbot to Richmond

  • streetlight duct work on the north side of Dundas from Ridout to Talbot

Work Anticipated Next Week:

  • continue with watermain installation from Talbot to Richmondcontinue

  • continue with Hydro duct and vault installation from Talbot to Richmond

  • continue with streetlight duct work on the south side or Dundas from Ridout to Talbotcontinue

  • Telus duct installation from Ridout to Talbot

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