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Cash Mobs and careful coorindation

This week, the crew was making progress on setting the forms up for the future planters on Dundas Place. From the outside, you only see the wooden box (left), but on the inside (right), there is lots of metal work required, which all needs to be set up by hand.

Since Dundas is one of the older streets in London, with utilities built decades ago, the records we have access to aren't always as comprehensive or as complete as we're used to nowadays. The crew continues to find utilities that are either in a different location or at a different depth. One good example is at the south east corner of Talbot and Dundas, where you've probably seen the contractor doing a lot of excavation. The contractor is doing this to try and figure out the best possible way to weave in new duct work in a way that will not impact existing infrastructure. On newer streets this would be a quick process, but due to the uncertainty of the location of existing infrastructure, it's taking a little more time.

The same applies to the area we dug up at the corner of Richmond and Dundas. At this corner, we found abandoned utility structures which were not indicated on the records. Since there are live gas and hydro utilities on top, it takes a lot of time and careful maneuvering to line everything up to complete the job we need to do.

Expect the Unexpected

These little surprises are all a part of the journey towards creating London's first flex street. We always knew that Dundas Place would be a very unique undertaking and one of the most complex projects the City of London has ever taken on. But, we've learned to expect the unexpected. Every challenge we face along the way will bring us one step closer to our first flex street.

Cash Mob on Dundas

While all of this is going on, we were happy to see hundreds of Londoners filling the streets on the first of August. This week, Downtown London hosted its second Cash Mob at Cameli's. Click below to see the video recap!

Below is a summary of work completed week of July 31st and next steps for the week ahead.

Work Completed:

  • Hydro switch overs for businesses up to Richmond

  • Forming for concrete edge restraints and planters

  • Installing streetlight duct work at Talbot intersection

  • Gas work at Richmond intersection

Work Anticipated Next Week:

  • Telecommunication ducts between Talbot and Richmond

  • Removal of temporary hydro between Talbot and Richmond

  • Continue forming in preparation for concrete edge restraints

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Dundas Place is the first transformational project in Our Move Forward, London's Downtown Plan and a 2019 core construction project. To learn more, visit: london.ca/coreconstruction

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