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Cleaning up and curing concrete

This week, the weather did not cooperate, but the crew made the best of it! Watermain work at the intersection of Dundas and Richmond had to be rescheduled for Thursday because the rain did not let up. This should be the last of the disruptions on Richmond Street until we're ready for surface work. As we move into the fall season, the crew will continue to be nimble and adjust their schedule based on the weather conditions that arise.

Concrete work at Talbot and Dundas has also started. You can expect to see some major changes at this intersection by the time you read the blog next week!

Pedestrian Crosswalks

You have probably noticed the crews placing asphalt down, only to have it removed a few weeks after. This is done as part of an ongoing commitment to provide the best possible surface for pedestrians at busy areas along Dundas Place. The pedestrian crosswalks shift sometimes, so be sure to check the pedestrian navigation maps and follow @dundasplace on Twitter to see what's open.

Working Together to Keep our Core Clean

We've been noticing quite a few cigarette butts in the area so on Thursday, the City's operations team stepped in to sweep and install more cigarette disposal containers on the construction fencing. Biweekly, the City already empties 75 pole-mounted and 15 grounded cigarette collection receptacles in our downtown which results in approximately 110 kilograms of cigarette butts annually. All of these cigarette butts end up being recycled through our partnership with Terracycle.

Western Students Wander Downtown

From September 17 to 20, students from Western University explored downtown and Dundas Place. This was part of an exercise to familiarize students with our core. Find out what piqued their interest by watching the video below:

Below is a summary of Dundas Place construction for the week of September 24 and next steps for the week ahead.

Work Completed:

  • Concrete work at Talbot intersection

  • Duct work into Fanshawe College

  • Silva Cells installation

  • Watermain at Richmond Intersection

Work Anticipated Next Week:

  • Continue brick installations along buildings between Ridout/Talbot

  • Brick work at Talbot intersection

  • Trench drain installation between Talbot/Midblock crossing

  • Duct work at Richmond intersection

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Dundas Place is the first transformational project in Our Move Forward, London's Downtown Plan and a 2019 core construction project. To learn more, visit: london.ca/coreconstruction

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