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New closures and new opportunities

As noted in last week's post, the crew has started working on Saturdays. The contractor has also brought in additional workers to work extended hours through the evenings. While we always do our best to keep the noise down, residents in the area will notice more noise, dust and vibrations in the area as we push to ensure the project is completed on schedule.

On the bright side, the contractor plans to reopen the Talbot intersection Wednesday, October 17! Crews were mocking up the brick work for the Talbot Street intersection on Friday, as shown below.

Once the Talbot intersection is open, crews will be closing the Richmond intersection to vehicles for the rest of the construction season. Pedestrians will still be able to cross at Dundas and Richmond, but you might have to walk a little farther up Richmond to get around the construction zone. The setup will be similar to how Talbot has been for the last few months.

You'll see more concrete going in from Talbot to Richmond this week.

Unlike the Talbot Street intersection, Richmond and Dundas will be restored with traditional concrete curb and asphalt surface. At the end of Phase 1 construction, you can expect:

  • All permanent paving, including brick work, to be complete between Ridout and Richmond.

  • Most of the streetscape elements will be installed by the end of this year, with full installation in the spring of 2019.

  • Market Lane seating area will remain partially fenced off throughout the winter.

Upcoming Pedestrian Impacts

If you're heading out to eat or to a game during the evening, keep an eye out for sidewalk closures between Talbot and Richmond. Crews need to remove and replace the sidewalk here, which we plan to do at night to minimize impacts to pedestrians and businesses during the day.

Beginning Monday, October 15, pedestrian access will be closed on south side of Dundas, between McDonald's to just past Wind Mobile, for up to six weeks. Please keep and eye out for the pedestrian navigation signs and pay attention to changes on the walkway as you walk. You will start to see temporary surfaces or ramps up to business entrances during your travels.

Below is a summary of Dundas Place construction for the week of October 8 and next steps for the week ahead.

Work Completed:

  • Brick work at Talbot

  • Traffic light installation at Talbot

  • Trench drain installation between Talbot/Mid-block crossing

  • Fine grading for concrete work between Talbot/Mid-block crossing

  • Begin concrete work between Talbot/Mid-block crossing

  • Watermain installation on the west side of Richmond

  • Watermain installation on the east side of Richmond toward London Music Hall

Work Anticipated Next Week:

  • Reopen Talbot intersection

  • Close Richmond intersection

  • Continue brick work from Talbot toward Ridout

  • Begin sidewalk removal between Talbot/Richmond

  • Continue concrete work between Talbot/Mid-block crossing

  • Watermain installation east of Richmond

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Dundas Place is the first transformational project in Our Move Forward, London's Downtown Plan and a 2019 core construction project.

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