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Making progress, brick by brick.

There were some big changes on site this week! After months of construction, the Talbot intersection was reopened to north and southbound traffic. As you may have seen, or walked across, the entire intersection of Talbot is covered in brick. While we still need to finish a few minor touch-ups, it will remain open for the rest of the year.

With Talbot open, it was time for the Richmond intersection to close. Closing the intersection helps speed up the work and enables construction equipment to move in and out with ease.

It's brick week!

Now to give you a little more information about the brick laying on Dundas Place, we've shared the recipe for creating a smooth, durable surface below:

Step 1: Grade and pack gravel

Step 2: Coat concrete with thin layer of sand

The picture above shows sand being leveled on top of the concrete base.

Step 3: Create the curve

The picture above shows a crew member drawing the paving pattern to guide brick layers in the right direction. He has to wear these special shoes to ensure the ground stays level while he works.

Step 3: Lay bricks

The picture above shows the crew laying bricks. There are four different colours in total being used on the centre of the flex street.

Step 4: Press the bricks down with a special machine

The image above shows a crew member making sure bricks are compact and ready for sand.

Step 5: Fill gaps with polymer sand

The image above shows sand being spread over the pavers.

Step 6: Spray with water to harden - this turns the polymer sand into a concrete like substance.

Paving with the Professionals

Here's a short, behind-the-scenes video shot with expert paving consultant, David Hein, who helped us create the design for Dundas Place:

The view from above

On Friday, we visited our neighbours at Budweiser Gardens to check out the paving pattern from above and, as shown below, you can really see the unique swirl in the brick pattern start to come to life!

Below is a summary of Dundas Place construction for the week of October 15 and next steps for the week ahead.

Work Completed:

  • Open Talbot intersection

  • Close Richmond intersection

  • Continue brick work from Talbot toward Ridout

  • Begin sidewalk removal between Talbot/Richmond

  • Continue concrete work between Talbot/Mid-block crossing

  • Watermain installation east of Richmond

  • Temporary hydro setup east of Richmond

Work Anticipated Next Week:

  • New asphalt at Ridout intersection

  • Sandblasting and handwork at planters between Ridout/Talbot

  • Streetlight installation between Ridout/Talbot

  • Continued trench drain and concrete work between Talbot/Richmond

  • Watermain testing at Richmond intersection

  • Hydro work east of Richmond

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Dundas Place is the first transformational project in Our Move Forward, London's Downtown Plan and a 2019 core construction project. To learn more, visit: london.ca/coreconstruction

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