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Small touches, big impact.

If you're standing in or outside of Budweiser Gardens, you'll see the first block of Dundas Place starting to take shape.This week, the contractor has been installing trenchdrain "lids" along the road, which will replace the curbs, line the vehicle pathway and carry rainwater back to the Thames River.

With large amounts of rain behind us and in the forecast, crews are laying as many bricks as they can each day.

While bricks are laid, crews continued with the hydro work at the Richmond intersection. Since the Richmond intersection will only be closed for six weeks regardless of weather, crews are working extra hard when the weather allows.

When it rains, we have to take caution - for the safety of our crew and to protect the quality of our work. Both are extremely important. The picture on the right shows crew members working through the rain on Thursday. Luckily, we were able to complete the slab of concrete connecting Market Lane to Dundas Place, which has since been reopened to pedestrians.

Santa Clause Parade Pre-Game

The Santa Clause Parade won't be coming down Dundas past Wellington Street this year, but our neighbours at Filthy Rebena Vintage will be serving up discounts and free cups of their Filthy Blend all day! Grab an umbrella and take your family on a tour of DP before the parade!

If you own a business on Dundas Place and have a holiday promotion or something special going on before the parade, reach out to our partners at Downtown London and we'll work together to spread the word!

Below is a summary of Dundas Place construction for the week of October 29 and next steps for the week ahead.

Work Completed:

  • Streetlight installation between Ridout/Talbot

  • Brick laying east of Talbot

  • Concrete work between Talbot/Richmond

  • Silva Cell installation west of Richmond

  • Hydro work at Richmond

Work Anticipated Next Week:

  • Topsoil and tree planting between Ridout/Talbot

  • Trench drain and concrete between Talbot/Richmond

  • Watermain connections

  • Hydro installation at Richmond intersection

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Dundas Place is the first transformational project in Our Move Forward, London's Downtown Plan and a 2019 core construction project. To learn more, visit: london.ca/coreconstruction

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