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Making up for the rainy weather

It was one rainy week on Dundas Place and similar to last week, the crew continued installing water services between Richmond Street and Wellington Street. To make up for lost time due to recent rainy weather, the crew will be working on Saturday to maintain progress.

West of Richmond Street, the crew continued working on tree wells where the red planters were seated over the winter. There are some touch-ups required at these locations before the tree planting can begin.

You may have noticed some red blocks placed in front of Fanshawe College this week. These are the first of many flex elements to be installed on Dundas Place. Street furniture like this will be installed next week and movable only by machines in the future.

Your Neighbours on King Street

While work on Dundas Place is underway, the Downtown King Street Improvements is progressing quickly on King Street. Bus stops at King & Talbot, King & Richmond, King & Clarence and King & Wellington are all operational. Be sure to board the bus from the new accessible transit islands and keep an eye out for nearby construction activity.


Traffic in London is at its peak from 4-6 p.m. Sitting in rush hour traffic can be frustrating, especially during construction. Why rush home when you can experience downtown instead? Follow Downtown London on social media in the upcoming weeks to learn what this initiative is all about!

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Dundas Place is the first transformational project in Our Move Forward, London's Downtown Plan and a 2019 core construction project. To learn more, visit: london.ca/coreconstruction

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