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Construction activity: a block-by-block breakdown

Ridout to Richmond:

As we move into next week, the crew has to continue brick assessments and street furniture installations on the first two blocks of Dundas Place, from Ridout Street to Richmond Street. This means the first half of our flex street will remain closed to vehicles for a little while longer. The Talbot intersection will remain open to all and if walking or cycling, you can still get through the area easily.

You might be wondering why "finishing touches" take so long, but when it comes to a flexible street, its all in the details. Every piece of future we position, tree we plant and brick we lay has to be carefully selected, assessed and installed to ensure all elements serve us well for years to come.

Richmond to Clarence:

Meanwhile, on the block between Richmond Street and Clarence Street, watermain testing has just started (left), catchbasin installations continue and the refurbishment of Bell's telecommunication infrastructure is ongoing (right).

You'll also notice some fresh temporary asphalt at the mid-block crossing. Our crews have to tear up the asphalt and close these locations for construction every so often, but we are committed to keeping them open, with a smooth hard surface, as much as we can.

Clarence to Wellington:

With the watermain testing work finished between Clarence Street and Wellington Street, the crew has started to connect the new watermain from the road to the buildings in this area. Over the next week or so, please keep an eye out for the pedestrian navigation maps and advanced warning signs. There will be lots of temporary sidewalk closures required in order to make these important connections.

Welcome, Grace!

This past week, Dundas Place welcomed a new neighbour, Grace, located at 215 Dundas. Grace restaurant is inspired by a woman who believed in helping your community, being kind to your neighbours, supporting your friends, and doing the absolute best with what you have. Learn more about their people, their building, their philosophy and their delicious menu by visiting gracelondon.ca.

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Dundas Place is the first transformational project in Our Move Forward, London's Downtown Plan and a 2019 core construction project. To learn more, visit: london.ca/coreconstruction

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