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Newcomer Day, new signs and concrete on the last block

Some might consider Dundas Place the strongest street in London after we're finished! That's because we'll have a solid layer of concrete beneath the sidewalk and roadway on all four blocks help keep the street durable, flat and the bricks stable, for years to come. This week, crews were able to get the concrete "subfloor" started on the last block of Dundas Place, between Wellington Street and Clarence Street.

We also use a special sand in between the bricks that requires water during installation. Once dried, it hardens and holds things together much better than regular sand.

Right now, we have several crews onsite and each one plays an important role in the process. For example, as the trench drain is installed towards Wellington Street, a crew follows behind to carefully grade the gravel to the proper elevation, followed by a crew who frames the area and pours concrete. Right behind them is another crew cutting and laying bricks.

The City's core construction team has freshened up the banners onsite to remind everyone that our construction zone remains open. We've also featured some photos from our first few activations on Dundas Place. Take a look around the construction zone for these!

Newcomer Day

On Thursday, October 10, the City of London partnered with our neighbours at the Central Library to host our City's first annual Newcomber Day. The day was filled with plenty of activities and opportunities for new neighbours to meet. We're excited to welcome new residents to Dundas Place amidst all of the construction!

VIA Rail Access

Over on York Street, south of Dundas Place, the construction zone shifted east. Motorists and cyclists should now enter and exit the VIA Rail station from Richmond Street. Access to VIA Rail Canada from Clarence Street is now closed for construction.

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Dundas Place is the first transformational project in Our Move Forward, London's Downtown Plan and a 2019 core construction project. To learn more, visit: london.ca/coreconstruction

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