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Lights, camera, action.

Last week, crews completed most of the brick work on Dundas between Richmond Street and Clarence Street and this week, new street lights have been energized in this same block! The new LED street lights are much brighter than before and will be complimented with more decorative lighting. Increased illumination is a design element that is known to provide a higher sense of security.

With all of the watermain work complete at the intersection of Dundas and Clarence, the crew can install the rest of the duct work needed for the traffic lights and other utilities. This is the last of the underground items that need to be installed at this intersection.

Over on the last block, between Clarence Street and Wellington Street, the crew continues placing concrete for the sidewalk and curb.

We did hit a bit of a snag when paving the vehicle path east of Clarence Street. If you were wondering why the concrete was being removed in that segment, it’s because it wasn't thick enough. We caught it in time to correct the situation, and crews will be working over the weekend to finish removals so they can re-pour of concrete next week. In the meantime, crews were redeployed to advance construction at the Clarence and Wellington intersections in order to maintain project timelines to meet our end-of-fall target.

Forest City Film Fest

The Forest City Film Festival (FCFF) has taken over some of our favourite venues in the core from October 24 to 27. Wolf Performance Hall and Museum London on Dundas Place, to name a few, will all play host to a long list of incredible films that are headed our way. Check out our Forest City Film Festival blog post to get access to the schedule or find tickets to a show this weekend!

Trick or Treat?!

Budweiser Gardens has teamed up with the City of London and our Dundas Place Manager to host a "Downtown Candy Crawl" on Dundas Place. This is your opportunity to meet some Dundas Place business owners, get some goodies and be entered to win four tickets to an upcoming show at Budweiser Gardens. More information will be released on the Budwesier Gardens Facebook page soon!

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Dundas Place is the first transformational project in Our Move Forward, London's Downtown Plan and a 2019 core construction project. To learn more, visit: london.ca/coreconstruction

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