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Working through the weather

It has been a cold and snowy week. Despite the weather, the crew still managed to complete all of the concrete work within the roadway. There are still a few small spots that need concrete, but all the large pours are done.

Even as the snow falls, the brick laying must continue. By the end of the week, the majority of the sidewalk work between Clarence and Wellington, on the south side, was finished. New street lights and traffic light poles were installed on this block as well.

Upcoming Night & Weekend Work

In an effort to take advantage of all good weather and daylight hours left, crews will be doing work during the remaining weekends before construction ends. This weekend work is required to continue laying bricks between Clarence and Wellington Streets. Overnight construction work will also start to take place next week, between Richmond and Clarence Streets to sandblast any exposed concrete. Crews are working tirelessly towards our end-of-fall deadline and our whole team is committed to working as hard as we can. We appreciate your patience as we work towards getting our flex street opened up.

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