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Crews get ready for Canada Day

The City of London's core construction team kicked off the long weekend with a little surprise and delight for pedestrians! The "walking" marathon on Dundas was also a hit. On Friday afternoon, more than 40 Londoners walked through the Dundas Place construction zone, stopping at Latino Flavours, then Camelli's, Fitzrays and finally The Squire! The Classic Rock 98.1 team and guests spent their afternoon experiencing the street, the people and the delicious food Dundas Place has to offer. Read the full Blackburn News article. We were also excited to come across some unique drone footage from a London community member this week. In this clip, you get to see Dundas Place construction, from Ridou

Rain and watermains

The week started out with a downpour on our Dundas Place neighbourhood drop-in BBQ for businesses and residents impacted by phase 1 construction. We had to move inside, but contractor and I were there, in the high humidity, with hotdogs and ready to answer your questions. Despite the rain, crews carried on with construction work. The remaining water pipes were installed between Talbot to Richmond and by the end of the week, watermain testing between Ridout and Talbot was complete. On Friday, crews began connecting the new watermain to the City's water system (shown below). This watermain connection work will continue into next week in addition to the testing of the other watermain from Talbo

New parking spots and ongoing water work

Getting clean, reliable water up and running is a big milestone for the Dundas Place project. With all hands on deck, crews were able to complete the majority of the new watermain installation last week and start testing it this week! Watermain testing is a long process, so we're getting started as soon as we possibly can. The image above shows a member of our crew conducting a watermain test. As part of our commitment to maintain hard, compact surfaces for pedestrians during construction, crews were out touching up the pedestrian crosswalk at Richmond (west) and Talbot (west) just in time for the weekend. The picture above shows new asphalt being laid at the corner of Talbot and Dundas on F

Construction gets complex

No, these are not screen captures from the movie Holes, or a tomb entrance in Indiana Jones. This is just a snapshot of the work required to calculate the depth and exact locations of the existing underground utilities at Dundas and Richmond. This week, the contractor has been busy locating all of the live internet, phone and hydro utilities. We have to carefully dig around these utilities to find a spot for the new watermain. The picture below shows existing telecommunications and hydro lines we dug up, encased in concrete structures. The concrete "coating" is used to protect the utilities from corrosion or disruption over time. As part of Dundas Place Phase 1 construction, years of overlay

Photo shoots and steady work

After working night and day last week, our working schedule is back to normal. Below is a picture of the remnants of the old cast iron watermain we removed last week. You'll see crews out and about during the day for the next little while as they install the new one. This water work is a key part of the infrastructure renewal portion of the Dundas Place project that will help ensure a future with clean, reliable water in the core of our downtown. In order the install the new watermain, crews have to dig around a lot of existing utility crossings; almost like a "spaghetti network" of pipes under ground: With that said, you can expect to see crews chipping away at the underground pipe work ove

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Dundas Place is the first transformational project in Our Move Forward, London's Downtown Plan and a 2019 core construction project. To learn more, visit:

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