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Forming the foundation for London's first flex street

It's the end of July and there's lots of construction going on at Dundas Place. London hydro has been energizing the newly installed hydro conduit and they are in the process of getting businesses connected to the new service. The crew was also installing the last bit of pipe work at the Talbot intersection. The photo below shows pipe work for the new traffic lights. Getting Ready to Bring in the Bricks The contractor brought in an extra crew this week. They are setting up wooden forms which will be filled with concrete starting at Ridout on the north side. Once poured, these straight pieces of concrete will not only frame the new brick walkway, but also help prevent any sinking or unevennes

Upcoming festival and familiar faces on our fencing

The summer can be slow but as always, crews are moving as quickly as they can. This week, our team continued to navigate through all of the existing underground utilities. Sometimes we encounter undocumented infrastructure, built decades ago, which requires us to adapt and modify our plan on the fly. This isn't always easy, but we appreciate your ongoing patience and support as we work through these little surprises and continue to build the most dynamic street in London. Crosswalk Connections In other news, the crew has moved the pedestrian crossing from the west side of Talbot Street over to the east side to allow for some additional duct work and remaining road excavations to be completed

Powering through the heat

It was another week in the heat for crews working on Dundas Place! We started off with a water service switch over between Talbot and Richmond. Businesses and residents along this stretch are now hooked up to the modern and reliable system. We also started to install pole bases between Ridout to Talbot. These will hold the new street light poles which will be unique to Dundas Place and contribute to the simple and playful streetscape. Hydro duct work was underway on the south side of Dundas, between Talbot to Richmond. This is why the pedestrian crossover has been shifted west, it is in front of Hotel Metro. The crossing is expected to return to its original spot, in front of Fanshawe Colleg

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Dundas Place is the first transformational project in Our Move Forward, London's Downtown Plan and a 2019 core construction project. To learn more, visit:

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