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Cleaning up and curing concrete

This week, the weather did not cooperate, but the crew made the best of it! Watermain work at the intersection of Dundas and Richmond had to be rescheduled for Thursday because the rain did not let up. This should be the last of the disruptions on Richmond Street until we're ready for surface work. As we move into the fall season, the crew will continue to be nimble and adjust their schedule based on the weather conditions that arise. Concrete work at Talbot and Dundas has also started. You can expect to see some major changes at this intersection by the time you read the blog next week! Pedestrian Crosswalks You have probably noticed the crews placing asphalt down, only to have it removed a

Making way for the home opener & getting to know our new Dundas Place Manager

This week, crews continued to install the underground tree infrastructure (Silva Cells). A final set was completed between Talbot and the mid-block crossing at Fanshawe, as shown below. Concrete work continued between Ridout and Talbot, in preparation for brick laying. Getting Access to the Game On Friday, the crew was busy setting up a safe passageway to Budwesier Gardens for the London Knights home opener. Meet Our Dundas Place Manager And probably the biggest news of the week: The City of London and Downtown London announced the hiring of Savanah Sewell, our new Dundas Place Manager! The Dundas Place Manager’s responsibilities include coordinating activation, maintenance, and security of

Getting ready for the green

It's the second week of September and crews have been busy at work completing the concrete road base, between Ridout and Talbot. This is one of the last steps before the pavers can be placed. Planting trees to keep Dundas Place blooming for years to come We've seen a lot of pipes and pavement over the last few months so we were excited to start installing new tree infrastructure this week. Below is a short video describing the underground infrastructure which will allow new trees to develop deep roots while also helping hold up the sidewalk surface we'll soon walk on. DeepRoot Green Infrastructure representative describes tree infrastructure outside of the new Fanshawe College campus downtow

Construction and a chance to win!

This week, the crew was hard at work at both ends of the construction zone. You'll notice that we're still underground on one end, as the crew tackles the remaining hydro duct work. At the other end, the crew continues concrete work in preparation for the brick work. This involves in-depth conversations with paving experts to determine the best possible installation methods to ensure the beauty and durability of our flex street for years to come. Perfect Paving Conditions The block between Ridout and Talbot on Dundas Place has been closed to pedestrians in order to expedite the paving process, and take advantage of ideal paving conditions. While closed, pedestrians are being detoured around

Surface work and back to school safety tips

Some of you may wonder what all of the small pipes being installed under Dundas Place are. These are not sewer pipes, and they do not carry water. These pipes actually act as a casing for utility companies to feed their wires through to service buildings along Dundas Place. Each pipe is labelled and used to protect the services you need most like internet and phone lines. At the same time, the crew resumed installing some of the remaining watermain pipes at the Richmond intersection, moving west. We had to wait to install this portion of the watermain to allow for hydro and gas work to be completed first. This was the result of a very complex construction challenge we faced earlier this year

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