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Getting from A to B

Now that we've completed the majority of surface work from Ridout to Talbot, the contractor is moving east of Talbot to lay bricks in the pedestrian walkway area. In order to keep the work flowing, the businesses open, and the pedestrians moving, the contractor is doing their best to keep the site accessible with the severely limited space. You can still pass through, just keep your eyes peeled! Getting from A to B Sidewalk conditions and access points may change significantly between the morning and the afternoon, which can cause some confusion. Crews will be updating signage and pedestrian navigation maps constantly but if you aren't sure, feel free to ask one of the construction workers

Making progress, brick by brick.

There were some big changes on site this week! After months of construction, the Talbot intersection was reopened to north and southbound traffic. As you may have seen, or walked across, the entire intersection of Talbot is covered in brick. While we still need to finish a few minor touch-ups, it will remain open for the rest of the year. With Talbot open, it was time for the Richmond intersection to close. Closing the intersection helps speed up the work and enables construction equipment to move in and out with ease. It's brick week! Now to give you a little more information about the brick laying on Dundas Place, we've shared the recipe for creating a smooth, durable surface below: Step 1

New closures and new opportunities

As noted in last week's post, the crew has started working on Saturdays. The contractor has also brought in additional workers to work extended hours through the evenings. While we always do our best to keep the noise down, residents in the area will notice more noise, dust and vibrations in the area as we push to ensure the project is completed on schedule. On the bright side, the contractor plans to reopen the Talbot intersection Wednesday, October 17! Crews were mocking up the brick work for the Talbot Street intersection on Friday, as shown below. Once the Talbot intersection is open, crews will be closing the Richmond intersection to vehicles for the rest of the construction season. Ped

Wet ground and weekend work

With a rainy week behind us, crews will be working to catch up over the long weekend. Rain Impacts Rain can make construction sites muddy and unsafe to work in. Below is a list of construction work that rain puts a halt on: Concrete: Crews cannot pour concrete in the rain; it won’t cure right! Excavations: Crews cannot dig when the ground is saturated, it is unsafe for workers to be within a trench where the excavation could collapse. Sand: Bricks require a think layer of sand beneath them, but crews can not place the sand properly in the rain. Top soil: Dry top soil is needed to finish the tree infrastructure installation. Rain Recovery In order to make up for lost time due to rain, the con

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Dundas Place is the first transformational project in Our Move Forward, London's Downtown Plan and a 2019 core construction project. To learn more, visit:

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