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Cramming for exams and concrete work

In the words of Dundas Place Manager, Savanah Sewell, it's been a great week on Dundas Place. Watch the video below to find out more. As part of the Exam Cram Walking Tour, Fanshawe students visited a few of the cool places along Dundas Place including stops at Cameli's, Heroes Comics, Filthy Rebena Vintage, Grooves Records, Attic Books, Rebel Remedy and their final destination: the central library. Back to Construction... Because of the cold temperatures we had this week, the crew installed portable heaters (shown below), which have become an essential part for the concrete hardening process. From far away, they almost look like small train engines! While we won't be planting any new trees

The Snow Won't Slow us Down!

Unlike driving, construction work does not slow down in snowy conditions and compared to rain, crews actually prefer snow. In the rain, everything gets wet and there's no way to control where the water goes but during a snow event, crews can easily push aside the snow and resume work. The picture above shows a Bobcat removing snow from the work site. When snowing lightly, the contractor can still pour concrete; however, the crew has to place heat blankets on top to help the concrete harden. You may have already seen these orange blankets on the ground a few weeks ago. The picture above shows an example of the heat blankets being used earlier this season. Snow isn't a big deal when it comes t

Slinging sand and laying brick, even when it snows!

There's lots happening at the Richmond intersection this week. We're finishing up the hydro work we started last week, in addition to watermain testing and gas main work in front of Starbucks. There will be a pedestrian detour in effect at the northwest corner of Dundas and Richmond for a little while longer and we appreciate your patience while we get this done. It's a small intersection with a lot of utilities that need upgrades and repairs! open. Brick Laying at its Best As the weather clears up, brick work is progressing smoothly and quickly. Paving expert Mark O'Donnell explains how they're utilizing a special paving machine to help expedite the brick laying process in the video below:

Small touches, big impact.

If you're standing in or outside of Budweiser Gardens, you'll see the first block of Dundas Place starting to take shape.This week, the contractor has been installing trenchdrain "lids" along the road, which will replace the curbs, line the vehicle pathway and carry rainwater back to the Thames River. With large amounts of rain behind us and in the forecast, crews are laying as many bricks as they can each day. While bricks are laid, crews continued with the hydro work at the Richmond intersection. Since the Richmond intersection will only be closed for six weeks regardless of weather, crews are working extra hard when the weather allows. When it rains, we have to take caution - for the safe

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Dundas Place is the first transformational project in Our Move Forward, London's Downtown Plan and a 2019 core construction project. To learn more, visit:

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