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Exploring Downtown just got a little easier

This week, the crew revisited the first half of our flex street (Ridout Street to Richmond Street) to begin touch-up work. This involved concrete work, such as sand blasting and some fine finishes on the concrete planters. Over near Wellington Street, the crew finished installing the London Hydro infrastructure. This allowed us to reopen the east/west and north/south crosswalks at the intersection of Wellington Street and Dundas Street. Don't worry, it won't stay this muddy. Crews will be out to pave the crosswalks next week. In the meantime, those using a mobility aid should take caution or consider crossing at Queens Avenue to avoid the dirt altogether. Meanwhile, between Richmond Street a

A short work week and southbound lane restrictions

Short work weeks are always the most exciting ones. We started with the removal of hoarding at the former Honest Lawyer location to improve the width of the walkway. There's been construction going on behind these barriers to revitalize the building which will be finished after Dundas Place Phase 2 construction is over. Watermain Break at Wellington Intersection As of last week, all buildings within the construction zone were hooked up to temporary watermain pipes. Unfortunately the existing watermain pipe at the intersection of Wellington and Dundas failed on Wednesday morning. As a result, there were significant water disruptions on Dundas between Clarence and Wellington. Crews took immed

Pipes that are dying for replacement (pun intended)

By the time you ready this, all Dundas Place businesses and residents will be successfully connected to temporary water and hydro. With all of the services switched over, the crew can begin replacing the old watermain next week. Speaking of the old watermain, the photo below really shows you what we're dealing with. That rusty-looking black pipe in the ground? Yep. That's the condition of the watermain that was going into buildings on Dundas. The pipes that route water to our sinks, taps, showers and toilets. So, if anyone ever says that the flex street is only about beautification, just keep this photo in your back pocket. As Downtown Jim would say, "beauty can only be skin deep, we need go

Temporary watermain connections & downtown construction in full swing

With last week's temporary watermain testing coming to an end, it's time to connect every businesses to this temporary pipe. The switch over is required so that we can replace the current fragile pipe that has been prone to have issues over the last few years. With so many businesses from Wellington to Richmond, this process will take a little longer than last year. See you later, old traffic light poles Traffic signal light poles at the intersection of Clarence and Dundas were removed this week. It is always neat to see these poles come down. The crew was also taking down the old concrete street light poles since we'll be replacing those with new and improved lighting for Dundas Place. Your

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Dundas Place is the first transformational project in Our Move Forward, London's Downtown Plan and a 2019 core construction project. To learn more, visit:

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