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Showing our Pride, even during construction!

We’re proud to be building a destination that welcomes everyone. On Thursday, the City of London worked with Downtown London, the London Public Library and a few good neighbours to spruce up the Dundas Place construction fencing for Pride weekend in London. We encourage you to come to Dundas Place and check out our new banners while you're out celebrating this weekend. Be sure to tag us in any of your Dundas Place posts so we can continue sharing the love! With the majority of the underground work complete between Richmond Street and Clarence Street, the crew has started grading the road to get the gravel back up to the height of a regular roadway. This is the last step before we start trenc

Hustling (and having fun) in the heat!

Heads up! Due to this heat, crews will be starting early and catching up on some hours this Saturday, between Richmond and Clarence. If you are downtown today, please keep an eye out for moving equipment when travelling through the Dundas Place construction zone. You should also keep an eye out for some brand new signs that are sure to put a smile on your face: This week, the crew has been busy laying lots of duct work between Richmond and Clarence. All of these pipes are for telecommunication. The pictures below really shows how many layers exist under the road! On Monday, we had to close down a few lanes on Richmond Street to do some sewer work. Because the intersection of Richmond and Dun

Leaving room for future upgrades and a new neighbour on Dundas Place

It was a warm week but we aren't slowing down! The crew has finished installing the water pipe at the intersection of Clarence & Dundas. Testing of the new pipes has started to make sure they are clean before connecting them to the City's watermain system. When we're ready to complete the watermain connection work, which will occur in the early morning hours, notification will be sent out or posted on doors in advance so businesses and property owners can plan for the disruption. Leaving Room for Future Upgrades Over in the rest of the work zone, crews are continuing with hydro and Bell duct work. They've also been busy installing cables so they can start switching businesses over to new hyd

Core construction, a contest, and 10 Instagram-worthy spots on Dundas Place

Since Monday was a holiday, and in order to maintain our construction schedule, the crew will be working on Saturday, July 6. The majority of the work will be at the Clarence intersection so please keep an eye for the pedestrian navigation signs as you make your way through. You've Got to Love Watermain Work This week, the crew continued installing more watermain pipes at the Clarence intersection. This is a "slow and steady" process since there are quite a few existing utilities underground at the intersection. The crew has to take care and caution to properly expose the existing pipes before they can thread in the new watermain. While we are making headway with the Bell and Hydro work, the

10 Instagram-Worthy Spots

1. Attic Books This adorable bookstore is filled with one-of-a-kind finds, cards, maps, and vintage camera just to name a few! You’ll love their clever signage and reading nooks. Check out their Instagram here: 2. Grooves Record Store Who doesn’t love sifting through stacks of vinyl? Besides the potential to pick up a great new record, the shop also hosts in-store concerts from time to time! Check out their Instagram here: 3. Grace Restaurant Home to food that almost looks too good to eat! On top of the great presentation, the restaurant itself and table tops are beautifully decorated. Be the envy of your

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Dundas Place is the first transformational project in Our Move Forward, London's Downtown Plan and a 2019 core construction project. To learn more, visit:

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