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Lights, camera, action.

Last week, crews completed most of the brick work on Dundas between Richmond Street and Clarence Street and this week, new street lights have been energized in this same block! The new LED street lights are much brighter than before and will be complimented with more decorative lighting. Increased illumination is a design element that is known to provide a higher sense of security. With all of the watermain work complete at the intersection of Dundas and Clarence, the crew can install the rest of the duct work needed for the traffic lights and other utilities. This is the last of the underground items that need to be installed at this intersection. Over on the last block, between Clarence St

Forest City Film Festival launches tomorrow!

The 4th installment of the Forest City Film Festival (FCFF) is set to take over some of our favourite venues in the core from October 24th - 27th. Wolf Performance Hall, Imagine Cinemas, The Good Foundation Theatre and Museum London will all play host to a long list of incredible films that are headed our way. When the venues are this close, it truly highlights not only our downtown, but creates an authentic festival experience. Being able to walk, skip or jump to the next screening speaks to the type of activations and events we need more of in our community. My suggestion is to start with this schedule which has been designed to help you scope out your personal itinerary for the rest of th

New goal posts and getting ready for the wet weather

Over the last few days, small touches were added to Market Lane including street name engraving, tree grates and the "goal posts" that will hold the future light canopy, extending through Market Lane and across Dundas Place. Even with the rain we had this week, the crew managed to finish approximately 90% of the brick work from Richmond Street to Clarence Street. Street lights were also being installed; this block is really starting to come together! On Friday morning, the crew completed the remaining watermain work at the intersection of Clarence & Dundas. This took a little longer than anticipated, but we had to make sure the pipes were in perfect condition before connecting it to the City

Newcomer Day, new signs and concrete on the last block

Some might consider Dundas Place the strongest street in London after we're finished! That's because we'll have a solid layer of concrete beneath the sidewalk and roadway on all four blocks help keep the street durable, flat and the bricks stable, for years to come. This week, crews were able to get the concrete "subfloor" started on the last block of Dundas Place, between Wellington Street and Clarence Street. We also use a special sand in between the bricks that requires water during installation. Once dried, it hardens and holds things together much better than regular sand. Right now, we have several crews onsite and each one plays an important role in the process. For example, as the

Ramping up concrete work (literally)

Crews have been hard at work building and adjusting ramps at building fronts as crews poor concrete between Wellington Street and Clarence Street this week. ​Amico's team is ready to assist if you need some help getting through. It may be challenging to navigate Dundas Place right now but, as we've seen in Phase 1, the street will soon have no curbs making it easier for everyone to navigate long-term. Brick work on the roadway portion of the flex street between Richmond Street and Clarence Street is progressing well. You'll see that the bricks are being laid in a herringbone pattern which helps the bricks withhold heavy traffic, and heavy equipment, like snow plows and garbage trucks. Over o

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Dundas Place is the first transformational project in Our Move Forward, London's Downtown Plan and a 2019 core construction project. To learn more, visit:

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